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Fourteen months ago, Matt Jerue made a decision that seemed so harmless at the time: to attend a high school football game. The result of that choice led him down a tortured path where anger, confusion, and self-doubts were intricately woven into every wrong move, making his sophomore year nearly unbearable. But eventually, it seemed the agony had a purpose, when he finally got together with the girl of his dreams. But things quickly unraveled, and he was forced to leave his friends behind, move to a new town, and enroll in his third high school in less than two years. As Matt struggles with bitterness and the consequences of his past, he finds unexpected friendships and a reawakening of his dream to form a rock band amid his unending desire for Taryn McIntyre.


L. B. Carl made us fall deeply for the emotionally troubled but resilient Matt in the first installment of this dynamic series. Now we’re set for even more heartbreak in another fantastic rollercoaster of a story.   Readers' Favorite Reviewer

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