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Girl in the


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What if the one boy you hate with all your heart is the same boy who steals it? It’s the mid-seventies—a time of mirror balls, disco, and polyester bell-bottoms. Taryn McIntyre is a cheerleader who loves high school and loves being popular. But when Matt Jerue arrives at school, he flips her orderly world upside down. He’s intimidating, he smokes, he gets into fights; he’s everything Taryn despises and everything she wants to avoid. But when their best friends start dating, Taryn’s and Matt’s lives unavoidably collide. Slowly, she sees sides of him that enchant and intrigue her, and she begins to question everything about her choices, her friends, and herself. Hate eventually weaves its way to love, and Taryn must decide between her heart and her friends. Should she play it safe? Or should she fall in love with an intimidating outsider and become an outcast herself?

Although targeting a young-adult readership, the novel works perfectly well as a novel for us older adults as well. I was caught up in the emotions and struggles of Taryn and Matt like those of anyone dealing with the doubts and complexities of love." Amazon Reviewer

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