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DARK AURAS - YA Paranormal

Countless Birds

A dead sophomore, a murder of crows, and a mysterious stalker with a dark aura ... Things are getting a little creepy for high school freshman Maggi Ryan. After hearing the legend of their family in 1800s Transylvania that includes vampires and slayers, Maggi is convinced her stalker is a female ancestor who was turned into a vampire. But convincing her older brother Will is another matter, until the mysterious stalker reveals herself, telling them of a curse on their family, a spell placed on this generation, and a prophecy foretold by a Transylvanian medium 200 years ago. Will and Maggi are pulled into the legend, throwing them directly into the path of a vengeful vampire hellbent on getting what he wants. They now have 48 hours to fulfill the prophecy…or die trying.


Character Images

Below are AI-generated images of the characters in Dark Auras as I imagine them in “real life.” The images were created using Canva’s text-to-image AI generator.  

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